Innovative Marine is a premier manufacturer in the aquatics industry focused on the development, production, and distribution of specialty
equipment and supplies. Our category brands include NUVO Aquarium, SKKYE Light, and AUQA Gadget.

Products Include: Pico4, Nano8, Nano16, Nano 24, Micro30, Micro30L, Mini38, Mini40, Spin Stream Nozzle, Combo Filter Media Sponges, Micron Filter Sock, Twisted Rosewood, 4W Clamp, 8W Clamp, 30W Tablet, 92W Tablet, Single Strip LED, Dimmable Dual Strip LED, MagnaFuge LED Light, SkimMate Protein Skimmers, Mini Max All-In-One Media Reactor, HydroFill ATO Controller System, HydroFill ATO Pump System, Custom Caddy,
Ghost Skimmer, Mesh Screen, Fusion Nano 10, Fusion Nano 20, Fusion Nano 10 Kit, Fusion Nano 20 Kit and 18W Clamp.

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